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Your Website Sucks!

Your Website Sucks! You know it does, so stop procrastinating and get to this event where you will learn how to make it better.

FYI, mine sucks, too, so I’ll be taking tons of notes from our panel of experts. We’re all in this together. Let’s make the internet a better place.



Another webinar

I just attended another webinar on social media marketing. This one promised to give all the million dollar secrets to connecting with people on social media, and like so many others, it left a lot to be purchased later.

I promise you that our panel of experts for the event on May 19th will not leave you begging for real information.

I timed today’s webinar. There is a certain format marketers use for webinars and other events that simply drives me nuts.

Of the 60 minutes allotted;

  • The first 20 minutes was background, personal story about rags to riches, testimonials from happy clients, and foreshadowing about all the intense knowledge to come next.
  • The second 20 minutes was a few decent tips, but not too specific, really just the first few things to do to generate interest when contacting someone on social media. The part that was left out was what to do once they bite the bait, but you can buy that. Stay tuned…
  • The last 20 minutes was a sales pitch about how to get the real information, all the bonuses for buying today, and more testimonials from those who have purchased the whole collection.

While we may not specifically give you all sorts of cool scripts to use on social media at this event, I can promise that the material will be real and all your questions will be answered.

REGISTER TODAY! (and tell your friends. sharing is caring)



Does your website suck?

Does your website suck?

Really? If you take a good look at your site, does it need a facelift? Is it pulling in the responses you want? Is it attractive and easy to use? Are the colors pleasing? Does it have all the right components? Engaging content? Eye-popping graphics?

If you enjoy working on your own site or you want to know what the most modern trends are, then ‘Your Website Sucks’ is the event for you.

Built specifically for the small business, start-up, or solopreneur, this event will give you the tools you need to grow fast and compete with the big guys.

Hosted at the prestigious 100 Club in Portsmouth, NH, our panel of experts will give you pages of notes to jumpstart your website facelift.

Register here – only 32 tickets available!


OK, one more…

Just one more and that’s all. Promise.

I couldn’t resist adding one more company to our amazing panel of experts at the ‘Unleash Your Social Media Marketing Potential’ event. Let’s welcome Caitlin and Carter from Calypso Communications, A boutique agency providing creative and strategic writing, PR, and design to organizations facing business challenges, large or small.


Our panel now consists of the best and brightest minds in social media marketing including;

  • Josh Munoz – Grow Now Social Media
  • Jack Callahan – Swell Media
  • Annah Todd – AnnahTodd.com
  • Bill Cutrer – Seapoint Digital
  • Caitlin Evvard and Carter Foster – Calypso Communications

Get your tickets today and spread the news to your teammates.


The team is now complete

Rounding off our team of experts for the Social Media Marketing event, please welcome Annah Todd from AnnahTodd.com, a creative consultant with experience ranging from public companies to start-up fashion brands.

The team now includes, Annah Todd, Josh Munoz, Jack Callahan, and Bill Cutrer.

Be prepared to enter into a whole new level of understanding social media with these incredible talents.  #socialmediaportsmouth





Just added another player to the team…let’s welcome Bill Cutrer from Seapoint Digital. At Seapoint, Bill “builds digital marketing campaigns that work. We use cutting edge tools such as Hubspot Raven, MOZ, and Radian6 to make adjustments in ongoing campaigns. We effectively build Adwords and Digital Ad Campaigns that continue to improve with our tightening the bolts.”

Prepare to make copious notes and bring lots of questions. This event will blow your mind.



Mind. Blown.

Are you ready for your head to explode?

May 19 – Portsmouth, NH – Your knowledge of social media is about to take a major leap forward. Bring your questions and a notepad.
On our panel of experts will be Josh Munoz from Grow Now Social Media Agency here to assist with exponentially expanding your business’ growth and brand recognition. By utilizing social media platforms, email marketing and targeted advertising techniques.
And, also joining us will be Jack Callahan, a Digital Marketing Specialist at Swell Media, an advertising and marketing agency in Portsmouth, NH. Swell handles a wide range of advertising and marketing services, from media planning and buying to pay-per-click advertising to social media influencer campaigns. Jack’s background is in social media audience building, using organic content strategies to tell stories and allow users to connect with your brand in a deeper way than simply clicking the ‘follow’ button. Jack believes brands can tell stories that people want to follow, and that those stories can benefit both the readers and the storytellers.

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Social Media Marketing

social-media-marketingWhen it comes to Social Media Marketing, there are those who think they know it, those who dabble, and those who are totally befuddled.

This event is for all of us.

Friday, May 19th from 9am-1pm at the beautiful Portsmouth Harbor Events and Conference Center.

Whether you have been active in social media for years, or you are just getting started, the rules to using social media properly keep changing. Get the latest updates, tips, tricks, and strategies to make social media work for you.

This enlightening 4-hour event, includes lunch, will get you up-to-speed with using Social Media Marketing to grow your business.

Should you be using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, or something else?
What should you post and when?
Should you be posting differently on each service?
Is there a best time of day to post?
How to write engaging content.
Is outsourcing your SM services a good idea?
Should you have a blog or vlog?
Should you have separate personal and business pages?
What is SEO and how can your SM improve on it?

REGISTER AT https://mattrandall.com/events/ 

For more information and downloads, visit www.MattRandall.com/ceo360/forms