Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Relevant. Time Based.

This is what is usually taught in business and sales. I want to tell you that this is exactly what holds you back and prevents you from reaching your full potential.


Well, being specific is good, and having goals that can be measured is good. Even making sure your goals have time limits is good. BUT…attainable and relevant is where most people fall short.

Attainable/Achievable/Agreed is always the place where people don’t set their goals high enough. They set them where they think they can achieve them and therefore achieve goals that are far below their true potential. Shoot for the stars and you may land on the moon. But, most people shoot for the moon, then decrease their goals or extend their time-frame when they aren’t going to hit that goal.

Relevant/Reasonable/Realistic is a crock of crap. If you want to succeed, then your goals should not be realistic. They should be astronomical. They should be absolutely crazy. Step out of reality because your version of what you are capable of is always less than what you can truly achieve. Let’s assume that you want to increase sales by 10% over last year. Good goal. So you create programs, incentives, products, etc. that will get you to 10%. What happens if you reach your goal? You celebrate. What happens if you don’t? Well, some companies decrease the goal to 8% to make everyone feel like ‘they did it’. Don’t make the goal easier. Make it more challenging. Make it unrealistic. If you set the goal at 10% and achieve 8%, do you feel good about that? What if you set the goal at 25%, gave it everything and a little more, and only achieved 12%? How do you feel now?

If you are in sales (we are all in sales), I would encourage you to read “The 10X Rule” by Grant Cardone and start getting unrealistic with your goals.

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If you found value in this post, please share.
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