Are you self-motivated?

If you ask most people “Are you self-motivated?” I would guess that most would say YES. After all, It’s one of the most common criteria listed in every job description, so they either are or they lied about it in the interview.

Seriously, I do believe we all have some level of self-motivation or we wouldn’t be able to get out of bed each morning without our mother’s waking us up. But, the level of self-motivation you need to have in order to be self-employed and work by yourself all day, is a whole different story. To set your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual goals, work that plan, and pat yourself on the back for every small win is something that is truly difficult for the average person. This is where a coach can be very helpful. A coach’s job is in three parts; help you determine reasonable GOALS, help you create an ACTION PLAN for success, then help you stay focussed and on track towards ACHIEVING those goals. That last part is known as Accountability Coaching and is the most crucial step in process.

Whether you work for a company, but are left on your own mostly, or you work for yourself, if you find that you are not reaching your goals as well or as quickly as you would like, an Accountability Coach could be the key to achieving the success you so richly deserve. Helping people reach their goals is my favorite thing to do.


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