Creating a fundraising program with Club Seacret is not only easy and fun, but it’s different from any other in 3 major ways:

First – Club Seacret is not a one-time fundraiser with a deadline. It’s an on-going process that will keep making money consistently for years to come and can continue to do so even if a member/supporter moves or leaves your group.

Second – Club Seacret’s fundraising ability grows over time and multiplies the earning potential.

Third – Club Seacret offers lasting benefits to those supporting your cause where they will receive far more than they are donating, over time. They will continue to support your organization for years and thank you for the opportunity.

What is Club Seacret?

That is a very big conversation because the benefits are huge and evolving.

Club Seacret is a monthly membership that includes the following with more being added all the time:

  • Access to discount travel
  • Club member only Luxury Vacation Escapes
  • Club member only special access to world’s most exclusive entertainment and sporting events
  • 24/7/365 access to telemedicine in 50 countries and 200 languages with zero co-pay
  • Club member only discounts at major brand name retailers
  • Access to luxury skincare products from the Dead Sea
  • Access to 100% organic nutrition products
  • Free coaching webinars on life, relationships, finance, nutrition, fitness, and more
  • Loyalty point rewards for members to earn free products and vacations

See the video below for quick glimpse…

Club Seacret

Keeping the concept as simple as I can, this is how your organization can make money with Club Seacret in 3 easy steps:

  1. Share with your members a very short video teaser about the Club Seacret such as the one above. There are more being created and updated all the time. Printed materials are also available.
  2. Explain that a monthly membership in Club Seacret for their family will provide them with many benefits while a portion of the membership fee goes to your organization every month. The percentage is from 20-30%, depending on the number of members participating.
  3. For those who wish to support you, send them a custom web address where they can begin their membership, and encourage them to talk about Club Seacret with their friends and family, here and abroad.

Example: to get your organization started as a Business Agent, or start someone on an individual membership, go to and use my Agent ID# 453258. You will get your own Agent ID and website when you enroll your organization.

It’s really that simple. Send members to me for any questions that may come up. You have better things to do with your time.

How much can my organization really make?

The answer is UNLIMITED. No kidding. The sky is the limit. But…like with anything else, there are no guarantees and it all depends on how well you work the system.

Again, I will attempt to simplify this as best I can.

If a member or supporter of your organization purchases a Club Seacret membership for $65 a month, your group would earn 20% or $13.00, each and every month that they continue with their membership. The math from there becomes very simple. 100 memberships is $1300 every month. 1000 memberships is $13,000. Each and every month!

There are rewards and incentives for your members to refer Club Seacret to their friends and family. Each time they do, your spiderweb grows and multiplies.

But wait! There’s more. Let assume some of those members decide to also purchase some Dead Sea Minerals skincare for their family or some organic shakes and other supplements. Your organization can also make 20% on all those sales.

And…what if some of your members decide they would like to take the opportunity to become a Seacret Agent and create a side business for themselves? Then, your organization would also make a percentage of their sales.

So…the answer is both simple and complicated, but very exciting in all the possibilities available.

Now…don’t forget that Club Seacret is international and available in over 60 countries. If your members have family and friends in other countries, they can support your organization from afar.

I won’t even mention here all the bonuses, contests, give-aways, free products, and other amazing benefits that your organization can earn because that will just confuse things and make your head spin. All your group needs to do is focus on Club Seacret memberships and the rest will take of itself.

What are the fees involved to get our organization started?

Great question. You can enroll your group as a Business Entity Seacret Agent for only $49 per year. Your group should have it’s own Club Seacret Membership at just $65 per month, or I recommend purchasing a special Club Seacret starter pack for $300 and the membership fee drops to just $50 permanently. There are many reasons for getting the starter pack, but let’s continue to keep this very simple.

Your custom website and online tools as well as marketing materials are included. There are no other regular fees to continue your agent status and ability to promote this program.

These prices and packages are current as of 8/5/2021 and may change without notice.

Details and Fine Print

Contact me for the complete written compensation plan and other support information.