Group Class Tuition

Monthly payments made through your Paypal account. No long-term contracts. Cancel anytime. No testing fees except for Dan testing (Black Belt Degree Testing).

$149 per month.

To set up tuition for first family member, click on the button below.

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$75 per month for additional family members. Use this button below.

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30 Minute Lessons – Perfect for Beginners or Make-Up Classes

1 Lesson Package – 60 (60/lesson)

3 Lesson Package – 165 (55/lesson)

10 Lesson Package – 500 (50/lesson)

60-Minute Lessons – A much better value! Perfect for Advance Students and Tournament Competitors

1 Lesson Package – 100 (100/lesson)

3 Lesson Package – 270 (90/lesson)

10 Lesson Package – 800 (80/lesson)