Black Belt Testing

Earning your black belt is an honor and distinction very few people achieve.  It takes years of serious training, dedication, patience, and yes…often blood, sweat, and tears.  If you are close to earning yours, congratulations!  Keep up the good work and keep your eyes on the prize.  You can do it!

Black Belt testing at Matt Randall’s Black Belt Academy is a five part process that begins when a student earns their Recommended Black Belt.  The process of preparing for the final exam takes a minimum 6 months to complete.
  1. First, make sure you maintain your regular class training schedule and your home practice.  Adding some extra running, push-ups, and sit-ups to your home practice will be very helpful.  See Black Belt Test Tips below.
    1. Start working on your reading requirements – BB Test-study-guide
    2. In addition to the reading requirements, there may be writing and/or video requirements.  Download the current list here – BB Test-writing-requirements
  2. The next step is selecting a mentor to work with on a weekly basis.  Your mentor will be a black belt who can help you prepare specifically for the exams.
    1. Download the Mentor Package and use it as your outline for training – BB Test-mentor-package
  3. Third is the monthly Black Belt Reviews.  Each month at the reviews a different aspect of your training will be tested so that you know exactly what areas to focus on for the final exam.  Check with your instructor or mentor for the schedule.  A few points to remember:
    1. Make sure your mentor will be at the reviews with you to take notes.
    2. If you need partners for self-defense, sparring, or board breaking, talk to them in advance to make sure they will be there to assist you.
    3. Remember your equipment; boards, weapons, music, etc.
  4. Fourth is the Black Belt Final Exam.  This is the big day you’ve been training for and the date will have been scheduled months before so make sure nothing conflicts.  Family and friends are welcome to watch the exam.
    1. Mr. Bell created a list of his useful tips.  Good advice.  Download it here – BB Test-Tips
    2. For a complete list of how the black belt exam will be conducted, download it here – Black Belt Test Outline
  5. Last up is the Black Belt Graduation.  You have not been certified and sworn in until you attend the graduation and receive your black belt to make it official. This ceremony is the event to invite all your family and friends to.  Each candidate will put on a demonstration, receive their belts and certificates, and be sworn is as Black Belts.  Usually, there is food, photos, and fun following the ceremony.
    1. More about creating the demonstration is in this document – BB Test-graduation-checklist
    1. All paperwork is due no later than 30 days before the exam.
      1. Thank you letter – email to
      2. Video – email to
      3. Test fee of $450
        1. Most students choose to pay the test fee in 6 monthly installments of $75 at the BB Reviews, but it may also be paid in one lump by the deadline.
        2. Test fee is non-refundable and may not be carried over in the case that a student does not pass the exam.