Mondays are AWESOME!

Mondays are the BEST!

No, I haven’t gone completely bonkers. Every day you wake up is a new opportunity, a new challenge, and a fresh start.

Because I enjoy what I do for a living and love helping people reach their goals, weekends are a bit of a let down. Don’t get me wrong, spending time with my family and getting some home projects completed is great, but Monday through Friday I have an opportunity to change lives and help others improve their businesses. Mondays, for me, are the start of 5 days of servant leadership. Yes, I get paid for it, but that’s just bonus. For me the real reward is helping others make changes in their lives that will bring them closer to their full potential.

And…because I work from home, I have the great fortune to determine my schedule, my work load, my income level, and my destiny. In reality, I have no ceiling on what my potential may be. It is limited only by the number people I am able to help.

One of the things that makes me sad is to see the number of posts on social media that talk about how much people look forward to the weekend because they hate their jobs or, how they hate Mondays because it means they have to go back to the meaningless drudgery of earning a paycheck so they can afford to have fun on the weekend again. Do you really want to spend 40+ years of your life working for the weekend?

If you have ever thought about starting your own business, contact me. I love helping people realize their dreams and replace “I have to go to work” with “Yes, it’s another Monday!”.

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