Management v. Micromanagement

Inspect what you expect

Catching up on some work and having appointments at Panera today.
Watching the repair guy working on the drink dispenser.
He has his earbuds in and spends more time changing the music and texting than he actually does working on the machine.
While I’m not a fan of micromanaging, there needs to be a balance of proper supervision and reporting to understand how much productivity is being lost or gained every day.
Leaders who micromanage every detail are annoying and slow down progress. Leaders who don’t supervise at all are losing money all day and generally not well respected.
To understand how much management is necessary, a company would benefit from learning how to implement a series of reporting, spot checking, and productivity assessments. If you would like to improve productivity, sometimes incentives can be built into employee self-checks. There are a variety of tools a manager can use to improve productivity and, therefore, profitability, without being an annoying micromanager.
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If you found value in this post, please share.
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