For most people, when they say they want their body to look better, they mean losing weight. It’s an easy response, and not wrong. Most adults carry some extra baggage that we could afford to lose. For some people, though, what they really want is muscle gain, toning, or sculpting. Actually, for the great majority, we need both. Almost all adults could benefit from some fat loss, muscle gain, increased flexibility, and strength. These are vitally important as we age.

Unfortunately, almost everyone thinks all the “good looks stuff” is achieved in the gym. They are about half right. The critical missing component to looking better is actually half in the kitchen. That’s right. Nutrition is half the battle. You can’t work off poor nutrition in the gym. That’s why we have two choices for how to get the missing nutrition you need to meet your goals.

For those whose primary concern is to lose weight, the Weight Management Made Simple collection, below, is the best way to clean up a poor diet and cut calories.

For those who are more concerned about gains than losses, the Health Made Simple collection will help reduce inflammation, increase protein, and increase nutrients that may be lacking and therefore preventing those gains.

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FYI – I’m a Certified Sports Nutrition Coach, and these are the only products I recommend. If you have any questions, make an appointment and I’ll be happy to advise you on how best to use these. Spend 15 minutes with me on the phone and I’ll send you a complete 17-page custom meal plan and nutrition guide specific to your goals.

AND…if you are a bit competitive…look into one of the fitness challenges I have. Pick 10, 21, or 60 days and you might win something while losing.

Weight Management Made Simple

Health Made Simple