OK, having been self-employed my entire adult existence…I need to ask you honestly, do you own the business or does it own you? Are the master of this beast or a slave to the monster you created? This is actually the first serious question you have to tackle before we can move forward.

Been there, done that. Being self-employed is tough, but there are some good tools that can help you break the chains and have the success you were told can happen as an entrepreneur.

Which of these do you think would help most right now?

Or…and this is getting a bit personal, but maybe your personal life is interfering with work? I know. Hard to admit, but so many have this issue. The answer to improving your business may be LIFE COACHING.

And, here’s an interesting niche topic…does you business rely on networking, but you’re a bit shy in groups or just not seeing the results you need? Think about hiring a PROFESSIONAL WINGMAN.

Being self-employed, either on your own or with a small team, requires so many skills. We can assist with the pieces that may not be your strength yet.

Who is Matt Randall? 

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