Don’t we all?

More money means different things to different people. It all depends on what you do and where that money will come from.

For instance, a person who is an employee has different opportunities to make money from someone who owns a large company or someone who is self-employed. For some, the opportunities are more abundant or more limited. Much of it is actually mindset, not real circumstances. By this I mean, we are only limited by our thoughts, not our jobs, and how much effort we are willing to put into the process of making more. The opportunities are all around us.

As a business coach, I assist people all the time with sifting through the many options and confusion to create a plan for achieving their goals. Where are you currently on this list of descriptions below?

Pick one of these topics and see where it leads.

Show me the money!


I am currently working for someone else, or may be between jobs right now. My goal is to continue employment but do something on the side, start a part-time business, or market a product idea to bring in extra income.


I own a small business with a few employees or work as a solo-preneur. My goal is to add to my income, product/service offerings, or start something totally new.


I own or manage a small to medium size business, over 10 employees. My goal is to grow, expand, multiply, diversify, franchise, or otherwise increase revenues.