What is FREEDOM to you?

I work for myself so that I have the freedom to control most aspects of my life. I choose when I work, where I work, with whom I work, and most importantly…when I don’t want to work.

For me that ability to attend my kids’ sports activities is crucial. Being available to pick them up at school, if they don’t feel well, or attend parent/teacher meetings is also important. Working a full-time day job for another company didn’t always allow me to do that when necessary.

Case in point (true story) – yesterday, a friend I haven’t seen in a long time called to ask if we could get together for a quick conversation at Panera. Seemed like he had some important news to share, so I was able to move my schedule around and open up an hour at 1pm to meet with him. It was terrific to catch up. I came home to find my daughter was back from college unexpectedly, so I cancelled the rest of the afternoon to talk with her and do some shopping. Turns out it was a wonderful afternoon with an old friend and my daughter. None of that would have been possible working for someone else.

So, why do I want to help others start their own business? Our highest goal, and the promise that our country was based on, is the right of every person to be free. I find the most freedom in working for myself and maybe you will, too. Let me know if I can help.


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