OK. If you are a little bit competitive (like me) then one of these fitness challenges may be just the right thing.

Even you aren’t that competitive or just personally motivated, these fitness challenges come with everything you need to reach your goals.

  • The right nutrition
  • Tons of support
  • Meal plans and suggestions
  • Free books on fitness and exercise routines
  • Shake recipes
  • and ME! Yes, me to coach you all the way to the finish line

The 10-day and 21-day fitness challenges are self-guided. The 60-day Club Fit Challenge is HUGE with big prizes and loads of extras.

Make sure your diet matches your fitness goals.

As a CERTIFIED SPORTS NUTRITION COACH, I can help design a custom nutrition program to meet your individual needs, lifestyle, and dietary concerns. Contact me today for a free and private consultation.

Pick one of the photos to see which would be right for you.

10 Day Challenge

21 Day Challenge

Club Fit Challenge