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Dead Hair? Frizzies?

Our daughter, Megan, is in 4th grade and a real hugger. She hugs all her friends all day. It’s very sweet and we are glad she has that type of relationship, except for the part where her friends like to share their head lice. (I’m scratching my head right now just thinking about it.) Unfortunately, these critters go around grade schools like air.
Megan’s hair was treated with the usual harsh stuff to kill ’em good and it destroyed her hair. That’s to be expected with these products. Yes, we washed all of her bedding, blankets, etc. After 6 kids, we are professionals.
Last night after her shower, I gave her hair an intensive conditioning with Seacret’s Mineral-Rich Mud Hair Mask. “Apply a generous amount to towel-dried hair. Leave on for 5-7 minutes and rinse thoroughly.” Now, I’m kicking myself for not taking before/after photos.
Holy Cow! In one treatment her hair looks incredible and has more volume than ever before. Never seen it looking this good.
If you have hair that is abused from coloring, blow drying, pool water, or something else, you need to try this. Tag a friend with a bad case of the frizzies.
WARNING! If you try to search for this online, you will find full retail pricing and probably have a heart attack. Never pay retail. Always call me for deep discounts and, after all, you wouldn’t buy it from anywhere else but me, would you? I thought not. 😉

2nd Anniversary Party

SEACRET-STORY2 years go by fast and you’re invited to celebrate.

Let’s have some fun with friends and prizes!

Anyone can play and there is no purchase necessary to earn raffle tickets.

Download the official contest rules here – MayContest

What can you win?

All entries will be placed in a random drawing for these cool prizes:

  • 1 Seacret Mascara Gift Set (retail value $79 – SOLD OUT, but I have 1)
  • 1 Seacret Mother’s Day GORGEOUS Gift Set (retail value $135 – SOLD OUT, but I have 1)
  • 10 Tickets to an exclusive party on May 23rd at the Fisher Cats Baseball Game in Manchester, NH. Luxury suite seats with food and drinks.
  • Could be some surprises also.

How do you earn tickets?

The contest runs May 1 through May 21 at 8pm ET.

  • 1 Ticket for every item purchased online
  • 2 Tickets for attending my 2nd Anniversary Party on May 21 from 5pm-8pm. Be there for the drawing and get bragging rights!
  • 3 Tickets for bringing a friend to the party
  • 3 Tickets for VIP customers who refer a friend who purchases through your personal web portal by using the ‘Enroll Customer’ button (they also get entered in the raffle, plus you get $10 credit in your account for each referral)
  • 5 Tickets for joining me at the Maine Event on Friday, May 19, 630pm in Kennebunk Maine. (call me to book a seat. It’s free.)
  • 5 Tickets for scheduling a spa party in May
  • 5 Tickets for closing an open party by May 21
  • 10 Tickets for becoming a SEACRET™ Agent by May 21

How do you order?

Current Customers – use your personal web portal

New Customers – call me for directions on how to become a customer and choose the right products for you – 603-767-6500

Remember…you don’t need to purchase anything to earn raffle tickets. You can simply show up the events and bring friends to party with us or schedule a Seacret spa party.

Call for details, directions, questions, or just have a pleasant conversation with your local Seacret Agent. 

Magnesium Deficiency?

magnesium-symbolCertain skin disorders can be linked to a deficiency of magnesium in the diet. Perhaps, more important to understand is that magnesium applied topically can reduce inflammation and other symptoms associated with skin issues.

According to an abstract published in – Magnesium is an important micronutrient essential for various biological processes and its deficiency has been linked to several inflammatory disorders in humans. Topical magnesium delivery is one of the oldest forms of therapy for skin diseases, for example Dead Sea therapy and Epsom salt baths. Some anecdotal evidence and a few published reports have attributed amelioration of inflammatory skin conditions to the topical application of magnesium.

So, you can travel to the Dead Sea in Israel, like 1.5 million people do each year, or you can have the Dead Sea shipped to your home.11374368_461255544064862_1594535123_n

Magnesium is just 1 of a combination of 26 unique minerals, 12 of which are exclusive to the Dead Sea and what makes it such an amazing natural mystery on our planet.

If you would like more information about the healing benefits of Dead Sea Minerals, contact me.

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Big and Thick

So many women tell me they like it BIG AND THICK. That’s why they come to see me and I tell them, “Yah, Baby! I got just what you need.” Then I whip it right out and they go “WOW! I’ve never had anything that good before.”

Yup, I get that reaction every time a woman tries the new Seacret Mascara. It gives you big, thick, and lush lashes without smudging, smearing, or runny mess. Cry tears of joy and ecstasy all you want. Scream like Meg Ryan in ‘When Harry met Sally’ and these lashes will still never run down your cheeks. It washes off with just warm water. And, with Seacret’s exclusive Dead Sea minerals inside, it actually helps make your lashes healthier.

I guarantee that you haven’t tried anything like this before. Yes, that’s a real guarantee. In fact, all Seacret products have a 100% money back guarantee if for any reason you aren’t totally satisfied in every way.

So, ladies, if you want it big and thick, contact me today and I’ll give it to you like you’ve never had it before.

Seacret: How to Use Seacret Non Smudge Mascara from Seacret Direct on Vimeo.

1 Secret Phrase

Gold keyIf you could learn one simple secret phrase that would unlock the doors for you when networking, would it be worth 90 minutes of your time?

You are invited to attend a very special networking event where you will get to meet some really terrific business owners and I’ll share with everyone one phrase that anyone can use to attract more prospects and get them to ask you for a presentation of your products or services.

If you sometimes struggle with getting people to open up at networking events, knowing what to say, introducing your services, or just making first contact, then let me ask you…Would you like to do something about it?

If so, then join me and a bunch of great contacts at this networking meeting.



You are invited

networkDear Business Owners and Professionals. If you are looking to network with other professionals in a structured and positive environment, then join me Thursday, January 26th from 730am-900am at the Portsmouth Country Club in Greenland, NH.

This meeting of over 30 area professionals is a fantastic group to get to know. Why? Because we refer over $2,000,000 in new business to each other every year.

Next Thursday I have the honor of presenting a 6 minute demonstration of the products and services that I offer and it would be absolutely wonderful if you were there to give me inspiration.

Email me if you can attend and I’ll send you a personal official invitation.

Let’s go to Mexico in June


Just curious…who would like to join me in Playa Mujeres, Mexico this June – all expenses paid?


  • All-inclusive resort
  • Mouth-watering culinary creations
  • Year round sunshine
  • Epic beaches and brilliant sands
  • Mayan architecture and culture

Yes, this is real and can be yours. Let me know if you are serious about getting out of town for a while. No, you don’t have to be my roommate. Get your own room.

There isn’t much time to qualify, so contact me ASAP.

Win an Apple Watch or some Gucci

Who wants in? Live on Facebook for just 2 hours this Wednesday evening!

Let me know if I should add you to this amazing event. No purchase necessary to be entered into drawing for over 15 seacret items, plus we will be raffling off a Gucci card wallet and an Apple Watch along with a Lululemon gift card.

An INVITATION ONLY – private group. You will not be added you unless you ask me to.


Winter Skincare Tips

Winter can be very rough on your skin, especially up here in the ‘Great White North’ of New England. Though there may be plenty of moisture sitting on your front lawn, it tends to steal it from your skin. Add to that fireplaces and wood-stoves and you have the recipe for some alligator skin. The good news is that you can protect your skin through the winter with some simple tips. Use the suggestions below for some basics and contact me if you want to learn more.