As easy as 1-2-3 and Holiday Shopping is Done

  1. Check out the 2021 Black Friday Gift Guide. This page is shareable. Don’t keep Seacret a secret. Thank you.
  2. Fill out the order form, completely, including your username and password for existing customers. Don’t worry. I delete and shred everything after.
  3. Send me the order form no later than 9pm ET on Thursday. No, don’t try to order yourself. I know ways to organize your order so you get the best deals and I’ve seen people wait until some things were sold out then get very disappointed. Let me do the shopping for you.
    1. Text me a photo of your order to 603-767-6500
    2. Or email a scan to [email protected]

*These links are for the US catalog and order forms. Canada, EU, and Africa are available. Just ask.


  1. For relatives living far away, Seacret gift sets can be shipped. Just send me a separate order form with their address and I can put it on your credit card.
  2. Remember simple gifts such as hand cream and nail care sets for teachers, bus drivers, delivery drivers, boss, manager, admin staff, employees, and those relatives who show up unexpectedly with a gift or fruit cake.
  3. DO NOT MISS OUT ON THE SURPIZE PACKS! Seriously, not only do you get over $120 in surprises for just $30, but Seacret went to the local jewelry store and bought $25,000 in gifts to randomly throw in the boxes. You might get a super surprise.

Call me!

I am here from 8am-9pm until Friday at 9pm ET if you have any questions. Really. I don’t mind.