Asking the right questions

5 Things to Ask Yourself Before Hiring Your Business Coach:

“Do I need a Business Coach?” “Should Matt be the coach that I hire?”

If you’re a potential client, then I am hoping that the answer to both of these is yes!

But in the context of working with a coach, there are things that you want to be clear about before you sign the contract and pay for the program. Investing in someone can bring you new levels of success and growth, but investing in someone who was not the right person for you could stall you or send you a few steps back!

How do you know if you’re about to make the right choice? Ask yourself these five questions before going into the conversation.

  • “Do they act as if they have my best interests in mind? A good coach should always be focused on what strategies and methods are right for you. But sometimes you can encounter those who are focused on making the sale more than offering something that fits your specific needs. Seek out and consider only the ones who express that it is all about you!
  • “Are they willing to challenge me?” You can’t progress with someone who only tells you what you want to hear. Your coach should be willing to be honest with you. They don’t have to be drill sergeants (there should always be a level of tact with honesty as in any professional relationship), but they should push you beyond your comfort zones and self-imposed limits, and work you past any excuses that you may make for lack of progress.
  • “Can I trust this person? Do I have a positive feeling about them?” Have you ever learned well from or worked well with someone with whom you just did not trust or like being around? Ok, in school or work you may have to some extent. When it comes to mentorship, however, you want to have a good feeling about that other person. Remember that you are not just investing in a program or a set of strategies, but also a relationship. And that relationship should be positive for the most part. It might not always be; I know that my clients might sometimes not like me for a while after the aforementioned challenging. But if that relationship has a positive foundation with integrity and trust, then it will always be solid.
  • “Will this person help me towards my business goals?” Every coach who markets themselves to you will claim that they can do this for you. What you need to decipher in their messages is if they have made it clear how they can. Pay attention to the words they say to you in person. Read, watch, and listen to their online content. Are they striking the right chords with you?
  • “Am I ready to do the necessary work that they will ask me to do?” The most important thing about any coaching relationship or program is that it takes the effort of both parties. The coach has the responsibility to teach, motivate, and help you come up with a plan. But it is on you to apply what you take from each session. A coach can guide you and set you up for success, but you have to do the work. Before you invest time and money into someone and have them put their time and resources into you, check with yourself and make sure that you are going to put in your 100%.

If the answer to each one of these questions is an enthusiastic “Yes,” then it’s time for you to get started. And if this reflection tells you that I might be the right coach for you, then call or email me and we can start a conversation.

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If you found value in this post, please share.
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