Another Career Fair

My local High School is hosting their traditional Career Fair in April.
For students looking for a job, attend college, or to enter the military, I encourage you to attend to see the opportunities and career paths that a traditional education provides.
If, however, you desire to become more than an employee, to take control of your own life, to determine your own future, and be your own boss…you won’t find any information about that at a high school career fair, at this school or any other.
Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not criticizing high school career fairs, having a job with a company, going to college, or going into the military…just pointing out an obvious omission. When I look at the application for vendors, it asks if I am a business, a college, or the military. When I check business, it asks what type of employment I’m offering.
As a business coach, I don’t offer employment.
I offer the opportunity for people to start their own business. To create something that may offer employment to others. To build their own dreams, not to work for other’s dreams. Unfortunately, our school systems are designed, and always have been, to create workers for those who dared to dream higher. Now, having said that, not everyone is wired to be an entrepreneur, but if you are, let’s talk about building something more than a career. Let’s build your future.
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