About Matt Randall

My Goal is to Help You Reach Yours

Whether you’re the head of a company, a family, a sales team, a team within the company, or your sports team, my mission is to assist you in becoming the best leader you can be. I do this through a unique combination of skills and experience that no other coaching company offers, including: Business Coaching, Sales Coaching, Public Speaking Coaching, Leadership/Team Development, Life Coaching, and Personal Transformation.

Matt Randall

Why Choose Matt?


I have an extensive background in professional and competitive public speaking, as well as over 20 years as a sales trainer. I am a graduate of Toastmasters International, Dale Carnegie, and Sandler Sales Training, a World Champion Gold Medalist in Martial Arts, and have started 6 businesses (so far). In addition to my executive coaching and consulting businesses, I also own the following businesses: Matt Randall’s Black Belt Academy, OAP Services (property management), and Seacret Direct. I am also Vice President of Business Strategy at Web-Impac. Along the way, I have also written books, starred in films, appeared on television and radio, and started a variety of charity projects.


Through my 30+ years as an entrepreneur and successful business owner, I have developed a rather unique set of skills, that when combined with my tenacious and competitive nature, can help you achieve any goal you set.

Expert Team

I have built a solid network of experts in the fields of coaching and consulting, plus top-notch referral partners. Together we have the power, knowledge, training, and skills to help you reach your goals – both personally and professionally.

Passion and Approach

My true passion is helping others to live their dreams and create fulfilling lives. I believe that you, as the business professional, have the knowledge, skills, and ability to be successful. My job as a coach is to support and honor you in the process of realizing new possibilities, choices and approaches to consistently improve your results.

Make A Plan

What to Expect

Although I have extensive business experience, and when necessary can provide some consulting,
I will not:

Attempt to tell you how to run your life or business

Provide you with a cookie-cutter business plan or personal checklist

Sell you a manual and workbook and then leave you stranded

Working together, we will:

Help you develop your unique strengths

Help you refine your goals and accelerate results

Bridge any gaps in knowledge, skills, confidence, and/or resources

Help you get unstuck and facilitate mobility

Increase clarity and confidence in making decisions

Deepen leadership abilities

Improve communication to inspire and motivate your teams

Achieve work/life balance to reduce anxiety and stress

I’m ready to live my best life!
Call today to see how I can help you.