Mind. Blown.

Are you ready for your head to explode?

May 19 – Portsmouth, NH – Your knowledge of social media is about to take a major leap forward. Bring your questions and a notepad.
On our panel of experts will be Josh Munoz from Grow Now Social Media Agency here to assist with exponentially expanding your business’ growth and brand recognition. By utilizing social media platforms, email marketing and targeted advertising techniques.
And, also joining us will be Jack Callahan, a Digital Marketing Specialist at Swell Media, an advertising and marketing agency in Portsmouth, NH. Swell handles a wide range of advertising and marketing services, from media planning and buying to pay-per-click advertising to social media influencer campaigns. Jack’s background is in social media audience building, using organic content strategies to tell stories and allow users to connect with your brand in a deeper way than simply clicking the ‘follow’ button. Jack¬†believes brands can tell stories that people want to follow, and that those stories can benefit both the readers and the storytellers.

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