Public Speaking Tip #5

Less is more when slideshows are involved.

slidesToo many people try to write too much on too many slides when presenting. And, worse, some presenters read directly from the slides.

This is a huge turnoff for an audience who came to hear you speak, not read along with you in a slideshow. You are better off having just a few bullet points and use your opportunity as a speaker to add detail and commentary. Even better, use engaging photos with no words and tell the story from the heart.

When using statistics, it can be helpful to add them to your slides so everyone can see the numbers clearly, but leave out the lengthy wording and footnotes, unless they are critical, and don’t crowd the information. Below is a good example of a bad slide with too much information. It’s crowded and difficult to read.


Graphical information can much more informative. The following is a better slide format for a speaking engagement. The previous is better as a handout.


General rule of thumb for slides in a presentation. You are there to entertain the audience. The slides are their to provide visual memory hooks that enhance your speech without being a distraction.

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