Networking Tip #6

Take notes on the back of business cards.

Close-up picture of businessman's hand writing in the business card

Have you ever returned home or to the office with a bunch of cards from a networking event only to discover that you don’t remember who you should call, who should call you, or even why you need to talk with them? Yup, me too.

Bring a pen with you along with a generous stack of cards. Take notes while you are talking with someone about who is going to follow up and when. This prevent some embarrassing moments later. No, you don’t need to explain or apologize for why you are writing on their cards. They will understand that you are a detail person.

If they don’t have any cards left, as often happens, write their information on the back of one of your cards.

The point to remember is that you want to appear professional and organized when you follow up with a prospect, so take notes about everything you can, including some personal information. It’s always a great way to start a follow up call with something personal such as, “You mentioned your mom was sick. Is she doing OK?”

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If you are nervous about networking or not getting the appointments you should, contact me. Networking can be fun and profitable.


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