The Tortoise and the Hare

Let’s get something straight, you have been fed a bunch of crap about the Tortoise and thetortoise-and-hare Hare since childhood.

All our lives we were taught that the Tortoise won the race because he was consistent and never gave up. That is a load of bull! The Hare was the better racer by a long shot, but he lost the race because he let his ego get in the way and gave in to the idea that he didn’t have to keep working. He underestimated his rival and let his guard down. If the Hare had raced properly, the Tortoise would never have a chance.

The Tortoise wasn’t smarter, faster, stronger, or better in any way. The Hare gave the race away and so many people are doing the same thing in business every day. Giving customers to your competition and allowing sales to be lost by not living up to your best efforts. Sometimes it’s the attitude that ‘good enough, is good enough’ or ‘I hit my goal, so I can go home now’ or worse, ‘I didn’t hit my goal today, but tomorrow is a whole new day’. That’s the Hare talking, ‘I can beat that Tortoise with my eyes closed, so I’ll just take my time, have a nap, and show him who’s boss later’. Remember that’s how he threw away the race. This attitude is not for winners.

If your thought process is that 5pm is quitting time and goals can wait until tomorrow, then I humbly suggest you should rethink being in business or sales and look into working on an assembly line where that actually works. In today’s world, quitting time is after the goal has been reached, not when the clock strikes 5.

As a business coach, I work as an accountability partner with people who want to reach and blast through goals. If you have the attitude that ‘I’ll do whatever it takes’ then I want to help you reach your goals, faster and more efficiently. If your mindset is ‘Oh, well. There’s always tomorrow, but now is Miller time’, then I wish you the very best.

Do you know someone who wants to grow their business and is serious about doing the work to make it happen? Contact me.



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