Magnesium Deficiency?

magnesium-symbolCertain skin disorders can be linked to a deficiency of magnesium in the diet. Perhaps, more important to understand is that magnesium applied topically can reduce inflammation and other symptoms associated with skin issues.

According to an abstract published in – Magnesium is an important micronutrient essential for various biological processes and its deficiency has been linked to several inflammatory disorders in humans. Topical magnesium delivery is one of the oldest forms of therapy for skin diseases, for example Dead Sea therapy and Epsom salt baths. Some anecdotal evidence and a few published reports have attributed amelioration of inflammatory skin conditions to the topical application of magnesium.

So, you can travel to the Dead Sea in Israel, like 1.5 million people do each year, or you can have the Dead Sea shipped to your home.11374368_461255544064862_1594535123_n

Magnesium is just 1 of a combination of 26 unique minerals, 12 of which are exclusive to the Dead Sea and what makes it such an amazing natural mystery on our planet.

If you would like more information about the healing benefits of Dead Sea Minerals, contact me.

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