Public Speaking Tip #4

Number your pages or cards.

It may seem incredibly obvious to number your pages, but you would be amazed at the Wind Blowing Papers from Businessman's Briefcasenumber of speakers who approach the stage or podium and drop their papers then struggle to get it all in order. This is embarrassing for you and the audience.

Simply number the pages or cards to get them back in order quickly. Why not staple them? Great question. It is considered better to slide the top page off and either move it to the bottom of the pile or flip it like a book. Flipping a page up towards the audience looks awkward from their vantage point because it momentarily hides the speaker. I know, seems like a small issue, but every little bit helps.

While we are the subject, print single-sided, not double-sided. It is easier to read this way, less confusing, and far easier to put the pages back in order should they get dropped.

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Public speaking should be fun. If you find that public speaking makes you nervous, contact me.


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