Public Speaking Tip #3

Just be you.Be-Real-Be-Yourself

I remember many years ago that the training in public speaking was to be well-practiced and highly polished. That’s how I grew up in the trade. Practicing endlessly in the mirror, memorizing word-for-word, and not making too many distracting hand gestures.

Today the trend is exactly the opposite. Be yourself on stage, as they say, ‘warts and all’. Work from a general outline. Use your local dialect or vernacular. Strut around the entire stage and get physical.

This makes it so much easier for people to loosen up and get comfortable with public speaking. Today’s audience is accustomed to famous speakers being folksy and somewhat clumsy on stage. The one big caution I would add is that frequent uses of AH’s and UM’s are still not well-received. It is good train those out of your speech pattern.

There are many examples on television today and even more on Youtube. If you compare today’s news anchors with those of 30 years ago, you would be amazed at the lack of professional public speaking skills they have. The biggest stars on Youtube, who are making some big money btw, are popular because they are just average people, talking about everyday events, in their normal language, and jacked up on too much coffee.

If you have something to share with the world, on stage or on screen, but don’t think you are a good public speaker, then you are perfect for today’s audience. Just do it. Just be you.

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