Light the FIRE! with Kaz


Kaz Randall is a certified life coach, but that really doesn’t give her full credit. She has been a business owner for over 25 years, married for 23 years, has 3 biological children, and adopted 3 more children through foster care. When you look up the word busy in the dictionary, it just shows her picture and everyone understands. Add to this that her husband is a chronic and serial entrepreneur. She should be canonized for sainthood.

Being a life coach fulfills Kaz’s need to help others reach their full potential. She enjoys working with people who are busy, committed, determined, and looking for ways to improve. Her tag line, ‘From functional to optimal’ explains her mission well. She works with people who are functioning well, but want more…they want to be their optimal selves. Maybe that’s you? Are you ready to take the next step in your work and family life? To raise the bar? To become more, better, happier, more satisfied, and the best you can be?

Kaz will be presenting the topic ‘Balancing work and family’ at Light the FIRE! on March 11. If your life could use more balance, like most of us, then you will gain much from this session.


Early Bird Discount expires 2/19/17!


Event Sponsorship and Vendor Tables Available.


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