Light the FIRE! with Susan

lightthefireLight the FIRE! is an experience in personal development for top level executives that will be held Saturday, March 11, 2017 at the amazing Portsmouth Harbor Events and Conference Center.

One of our featured presenters is Susan Odden, the owner of Mountain View Wellness and Education. Susan is a registered nurse with a master’s degree in nursing and a certified health coach.  Experience as a burn nurse and professor of psychiatric nursing has inspired Susan to pursue a grassroots approach to nutrition and healthy eating. She is a behaviorist who loves food.  Combining her expertise in the medical model and the wellness model of health, offers Susan’s clients the benefit of both. Susan specializes in streamlining and organizing healthy eating habits for busy professionals and their families.

Susan will be presenting the topic ‘Eating for Success’ – Turning away from the ravages of the Standard American Diet and embarking on a journey of healthy eating is a daunting task. There are habits, comfort, culture, and traditions all determining what you eat. Susan will break down the process into small bites. Good starting points, behavior modification, and preparation, are the keys to a fruitful, healthy eating reformation.

Susan is one of 6 presenters for the day. You are sure to leave with a bounty of great information and advice.


Early Bird Discount expires 2/19/17!


Event Sponsorship and Vendor Tables Available.



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