The BIG 3 is Tomorrow-Will You Be There?

WOW! There is so much to prepare for tomorrow. When I woke up this morning and looked at my schedule for the week, it just hit me that I have 3 presentations to prepare for this Thursday and deliver in the span of 90 minutes. This doesn’t make me nervous, I actually get pumped to present. It would be so cool if you can be there. Why would you want to? Read on…

presentation-01Our weekly BNI networking meeting will be at the Portsmouth Country Club in Greenland from 7:30am-9:00am this Thursday, January 26th. I would be so happy to introduce you to 30+ local business owners who love to give referrals.

This is what I’m preparing for:

  1. As the Education Coordinator I’ll be presenting a topic on How to Stay in Touch With Your Clients and Prospects. This will include links to resources, podcasts, and articles that can help you create new business and keep old business.
  2. As a business member, I’ll take just 60-seconds to explain The Health Hazards of Cheap Store-Bought Shampoos.
  3. And, finally, as the featured presenter I’ll be presenting a short, but very powerful discussion about 1 Simple Question You Can/Should Use to Increase Appointments and Open Doors.

Yes, I have a lot to prepare for, but I’m super excited and hope you will be there.

If you want to attend, it’s FREE. you can use this link and click on VISIT THIS CHAPTER to get your official invitation.

By the way…our BNI chapter has over 30 members and refers more than $2M in new business to each other every year. If you want to get to know these people, be there this Thursday and bring lots of business cards.


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