Staying in Touch

How do you stay in touch with your clients? Or, maybe the question should be, “Do you stay in touch with your clients?” Staying in touch is critical to ensuring a long-lasting relationship with your existing clients and your prospects, too. But, staying in touch is a little more difficult in this changing world. There are so many ways that people get their information today and some people have strong preferences as to how they communicate.


Dr. Ivan Misner, founder of BNI, released a podcast this week that is a very good and concise outline of 7 ways you can stay in touch to keep customers and prospects happy and buying. It’s well worth the 12 minutes to listen or read the transcript at 

I would add that when Dr. Misner talks about ‘communicating using the system that they use’ in #2, that is very challenging to keep track of. I have some clients who respond better with facebook messenger than email, and some who prefer text, while others aren’t on facebook and use LinkedIn. This can be crazy to remember. Sometimes the shotgun approach works best. Send important updates in every possible medium and let the customer decide which way they prefer to respond. Of course, be cautious and courteous by  always providing opt-out methods so that you avoid spam issues.

For instance, if your company has a new product announcement, send email, text, snail mail, blog posts, social media messages, and write articles. While this can seem a daunting task, there are many tools to make the job easy and almost automatic. Plus, there are many outsourcing resources available. If you want to know, contact me. I respond to just about every method.

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Let’s stay in touch.


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