Sometimes I Want to Scream!

nedI’ve been in sales in various capacities for over 30 years. I like sales. It’s an honorable profession that goes back millennia. I have made a good living by not being the stereotypical pushy sales person and I’m proud of that.

Just the other day I got a sales phone call from someone who started on a very long monologue about their company and product. Not once did she stop to allow me to interject until I finally just hung up. I hate that, as I feel it’s rude, but then, not listening to me is also. I understand that sales approach and she is only doing what she was trained to do, but really…it’s pretty darn annoying.

When I get approached by salespeople who:

  • Won’t listen
  • Won’t shut up
  • Won’t take no for an answer
  • Keep pushing thinking that they will wear you down
  • Think that they have the answer to everything
  • Haven’t even asked if I need what they have
  • Tell you that they know what is best for you
  • Call back after you hung up on them


That type of sales is what gives the entire profession a black eye.


Sales does not have to be that way, and I would suggest that it shouldn’t be.

There are several rules that should guide every sales presentation, and these are what I strive for and teach to my business coaching clients:

  1. Listen to the other person’s needs
  2. Communicate on their level and using their dominant learning style
  3. Ask questions that show true concern and care
  4. Suggest solutions that will fill real needs, don’t just push products
  5. If you don’t have a product that will fit their needs, respect that
  6. Offer the best price possible
  7. Follow up after the sale
  8. And, above all…don’t be a stalker!

The next time you get harassed by a pushy sales person, please give them my number. Maybe I can persuade them to move away from the Dark Side and create a better experience for all involved.


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