Thank you, 2016


Yes, 2016 was a crazy year with tons of changes for all of us and I am grateful for the experience. I tend to look at things strangely. For me CHANGE means an opportunity to learn, CHALLENGE provides opportunity for growth, and, 2016 had plenty of all.

Many years ago I heard a question that struck me as odd at first, but then I grew to understand its real meaning. “Do you have 10 years of experience, or 1 year of experience 10 times?” For those who don’t experience change and challenge, every year is roughly the same. There is little learning and growth. These people may say they have 10 years experience in a certain trade, field, job, skill, or education, but unless they learn something new every year and grow into a new level of skill, they really have 1 year of experience that repeats itself 10 times over. They actually have 1 year of experience and they are 10 years older.  What it boils down to is that you can’t repeat the same task or level of education and claim to have 10 years experience in it.

My question to you, and myself, is “How will I change in 2017 to advance my learning, and how will I challenge myself to grow this year?” 


If you think 2016 was insane, what will you change in 2017 to make it better? You can either create your own challenges to help you grow, or I will bet you that 2017 will create them for you and force you to grow in ways that may not be what you want. Maybe the change you need is to design your life, be the change, challenge yourself, create your future.

Let’s all make CHANGE and CHALLENGE our mantra this year. Don’t fear it, become it.

If you need any guidance or support with making changes in your life for 2017, I’m here and happy to assist. Call me for complimentary 30 minute consultation – My gift to you for the New Year. No sales pitch. Nothing to hide. Just a conversation about your goals and desires for change and challenge this year. Call 603-767-6500 anytime between 9-5 ET.


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