The #1 Reason Most Startups Fail

According to, with research from multiple independent sources, the #1 reason most businesses fail is…well, there is no good way to express this…

INCOMPETENCE (46% – mostly financial incompetence) followed closely by…

LACK OF MANAGERIAL EXPERIENCE (30%). I’ll just let that simmer for a moment…

(Don’t kill the messenger! See the full article at

In fact, 25% of new businesses nation-wide will fail in the first year with almost half gone by the end of year 3. Some do better than others, as you can see by the graph below. business-failure

The top 10 management mistakes that lead to failure are:

Going into business for the wrong reasons
Advice from family and friends
Being in the wrong place at the wrong time
Entrepreneur gets worn-out and/or underestimated the time requirements
Family pressure on time and money commitments
Lack of market awareness
The entrepreneur falls in love with the product/business
Lack of financial responsibility and awareness
Lack of a clear focus

These can be summed up by ego, positioning, and education.

This is where a good business coach comes in handy. A coach can create clarity, define goals, assist with planning and projecting, and keep you focussed on what matters most.

So that you don’t end up like one of these statistics, contact me for a complimentary evaluation.

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