The Best Time to Start a New Business

If you have ever thought about starting a new business, then you have probably wondered when is the best time to get it running. While there could be many answers to this questions, and good reasons for all of them, NOW is always my favorite. Why? Because you can start a new business now and take advantage of all the tax savings that owning a business has to offer.

In the video below, Josh Denne and Jesse MacPherson give some great advice for why you should get started now and some amazing incentives. Whether you decide to start a business with Seacret or not is totally up to you, but their advice about starting a new business now is perfectly valid.

To learn the details on how to start your own business, the types of business entities available, the tax benefits, and the extremely low upfront costs just to get on the books with the state and IRS…contact me today. It’s not very difficult and can save you money this year then make you money next year.

AND, if starting your own business is not your desire, please forward this to a friend who has mentioned they would like to. I may be able to save them lots of time and money by preventing the most common mistakes people make.


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