Does your business have a plan?

writing-a-winning-business-plan_0If you ask most people whether their business has a plan, they will say “YES”. If you ask them to show it to you, they will almost invariably say, “Well, it’s not written down anywhere”. I thought everyone by now had heard the saying, “Goals which aren’t written down are merely dreams”. So, why do so many people try to operate a business without a written plan? Because it’s a challenging process. Maybe this will help.

A Simple 12-Step Process for Writing Your Business Plan

Step 1 – Pencil and paper

Step 2 – Quiet location without distractions

Step 3 – Relaxing beverage of your choice. I prefer a nice cabernet.

Step 4 – Executive summary

Step 5 – Business description and mission statement

Step 6 – Service or product offerings and pricing structure

Step 7 – Market analysis

Step 8 – Organization and management structure

Step 9 – Marketing plan and budget

Step 10 – 5 year financial projection

Step 11 – Have good long cry

Step 12 – Call me. I’ll bring tissues.



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