Need a Wingman?

December is month full of parties and networking events, but, does networking intimidate you? In a New York Times survey of people’s greatest fears, death came in third, following walking into a room full of strangers and speaking in public. Networking is often linked in people’s minds with public speaking and elicits images of sweaty palms, nervous coughing, stuttering, and so much more. What fear of networking and public speaking are really all about is a fear of looking foolish.

But…what if I told you there is a simple solution that can cure this fear instantly?

groupYou see, most people are afraid of networking because they don’t know what to say or how to make an introduction and therefore are afraid to make the first move and end up wasting time at networking events watching everyone else conduct business.

In reality, these same people are terrific at what they do, enjoy sharing their knowledge, and have great conversations with other business owners or prospects…once they get the conversation started.

What they need is a WINGMAN.

As your professional Wingman, I will attend networking events with you, make the introductions for you, help get the conversation started, and guide you through to making appointments that can turn into business.

But wait…there are some details that you may not think of. Often at networking events, you get stuck in conversations that are going nowhere with people who show up just for the social benefit, which is total waste of your time. I will guide you away from time-suckers and towards better potential.

And, let’s not forget the amature networkers and card collectors that will attempt to sell you at this events. Yeah, I know how to deal with them also.

Networking events can be fun, but they should also lead you towards future business.

As your Professional Networking Wingman I can help you turn these events into solid appointments.

So…what does this look like?

Simple. Hire me to tag along with you at networking events (which I love to attend) and I’ll be right by your side guiding you through the entire event. Helping to introduce you to the right people, make the introductions, start the conversations, and follow through to the appointments.

There is a process to making a networking event profitable. I can teach you the skills you need to work the event like a pro. And, best of all, I will be there by your side until you are ready to fly solo.

Call me today so we can plan your next networking event.

~ Matt, Your Professional Networking Wingman


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