1 Minute, Please.

That One Minute That Can Change Your Day!

In each of my networking groups, meetings always start with the “one minute intro” round. Say who you are, what your business name is, what you do, and who the best referrals are for you.

It’s quick. It’s simple. It doesn’t take much effort and isn’t very memorable.

And the only true part of that last line is “It’s quick.”

That one minute that you have the floor has a greater impact than you may think. For new people, this is the first impression they get of you and what you do. And for those whom you already know, there’s an opportunity to learn a little more.

Think of it as your extended elevator pitch. Something in what you say is going to light up the mind of someone in that room to say to themselves, “I need to learn more about this person. I/Someone I know could use what they offer.” And the seeds for a new relationship are planted.

When you deliver that short intro, do so with a level of passion. A very theatrical presentation is not necessary, but speak in a tone that tells others that you enjoy what you do and that you believe in it and the people who serve.

Be creative. Have fun with it! Come up with an attention-catching way to describe your work.

Think of a specific problem that you help solve for others. Give a short narration of before hiring you to after. Emphasize the end results that you seek for your clients, while stating your means to getting there.

Always have something new to say each time. You are likely going to be doing intros in a group that will include quite a few “regulars” whom you’ll see at most meetings. Give them new facts to learn about you!

That seems like a lot for a short minute, right? But it is surprising how much ground you can cover in that brief flash of time. You can give a room full of professionals an overview of you and your brand that leaves them wanting to know more! Envision it as the free sample that you give that makes them want to order a full meal sometime.

What seems like a small bit of time is actually a window to set the course of your day. You can drive the interest of new contacts, continue to develop the relationships you have with current ones, and give direction to those who want to send prospects your way!

And of course, keep it to a minute!

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