2017 Event Schedule

timberwolfcoaching-grey-cropThe 2017 Event Schedule, being hosted by TimberWolfCoaching.com, is currently in construction.

Below is the proposed list of topics and it would be helpful if you could comment on which events you might like to attend. Thanks in advance for all your support.

May 19 – Unleash Your Social Media Marketing Potential

Tips, tricks, and strategies for learning to use social media most effectively.

June 9 – Your Website Sucks! (but, it can be fixed)

Website design, SEO, Google Analytics, Content, Blogs, Vlogs, Shopping Carts, etc.

TBD – True Colors with Yvonne Prince

A Women’s Empowerment and Motivation Series

TBD – Women Business Leaders

What does it take for women to be successful in today’s business world?

TBD – Step-By-Step

How to start your own business

TBD – Top Earners Summit

New England Network Marketing leaders discuss what it takes to earn 6 figures.

TBD – Ladies Night – Merlot and Mud

Learn how to have a luxury facial at home for less than $20.

TBD – Internet Security at Home and Office

A panel discussion about protecting your information on PC, tablet, smartphone, and cloud.

TBD – Light the Fire!

Health and Wellness for the busy and stressed CEO or Manager.

TBD – Men’s Night – Scotch and Skin

For guys who want look and feel younger.

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Get your brand in front of hundreds of local business leaders and consumers.

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The team is now complete

Rounding off our team of experts for the Social Media Marketing event, please welcome Annah Todd from AnnahTodd.com, a creative consultant with experience ranging from public companies to start-up fashion brands.

The team now includes, Annah Todd, Josh Munoz, Jack Callahan, and Bill Cutrer.

Be prepared to enter into a whole new level of understanding social media with these incredible talents.  #socialmediaportsmouth



Public Speaking Tip #6

Just do your job.do your job

When people say they are afraid of public speaking, what they commonly mean is that they are afraid of being embarrassed in front of a group. That’s completely understandable. Nobody enjoys feeling silly or being thought of as a fool.

Something I learned almost 30 years ago in Dale Carnegie Public Speaking was the idea that “What the audience is thinking about you is none of your business.” This takes a moment to digest, but realize that if you are on stage, you are there for a reason. You have a job to do and the more you worry about what is going in everyone else’s head, the less you are able to focus on doing your job. The audience is there to be educated, entertained, informed, amazed, or whatever you job is. Just do your job and stop worrying about what they are thinking.

What makes people nervous is the thought that the audience is going to criticize every word they say. Unless you are a politician, the audience is usually there to support you and they want you do well. They want you to be the expert that you are. They want you to do your job, so just get up there and do it. You will be great!

“So, what if I make a mistake?” Just keep on truckin’. Keep doing your job. It’s OK and the audience will support you as long as you keep doing your job. Mistakes will happen and it’s how you handle the mistakes with grace and poise that will have the audience sending you positive energy. I’ve seen many presenters lose their notes, have technology glitches, or break down in tears to the point where they can’t even speak. The audience was always there with warm applause and cheers of support…as long as they pulled it together and did their job.

So, stop worrying about what is going in their heads and keep yours together. You have a job to do and you will be great. Just do it!

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Just added another player to the team…let’s welcome Bill Cutrer from Seapoint Digital. At Seapoint, Bill “builds digital marketing campaigns that work. We use cutting edge tools such as Hubspot Raven, MOZ, and Radian6 to make adjustments in ongoing campaigns. We effectively build Adwords and Digital Ad Campaigns that continue to improve with our tightening the bolts.”

Prepare to make copious notes and bring lots of questions. This event will blow your mind.



Mind. Blown.

Are you ready for your head to explode?

May 19 – Portsmouth, NH – Your knowledge of social media is about to take a major leap forward. Bring your questions and a notepad.
On our panel of experts will be Josh Munoz from Grow Now Social Media Agency here to assist with exponentially expanding your business’ growth and brand recognition. By utilizing social media platforms, email marketing and targeted advertising techniques.
And, also joining us will be Jack Callahan, a Digital Marketing Specialist at Swell Media, an advertising and marketing agency in Portsmouth, NH. Swell handles a wide range of advertising and marketing services, from media planning and buying to pay-per-click advertising to social media influencer campaigns. Jack’s background is in social media audience building, using organic content strategies to tell stories and allow users to connect with your brand in a deeper way than simply clicking the ‘follow’ button. Jack believes brands can tell stories that people want to follow, and that those stories can benefit both the readers and the storytellers.

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Presenting and Facilitating?

What does a professional presenter and facilitator do?

These are really two different functions that can be used by businesses or organizations depending on the need. Let’s take a closer look.

Professional PresentersScience_Backed_Tips_for_Public_Speaking

A professional presenter is hired to speak on a particular topic that would be of interest to a particular audience. The presenter can be, but doesn’t need to be, an expert on the topic to be presented. He or she is simply hired to present the material. Hiring a presenter is a good choice when a company wants to introduce new material, processes, or culture to an organization and wants it to be presented professionally.

This works well if the company wants the material to have the feel of coming from an outside source or third party. It’s also a good idea when the company wants a trained public speaker to break down the material in a logical fashion for the group to integrate step-by-step. Sometimes the company wants a presenter who has a quick wit or sense of humor to entertain the troops, as is often a good idea when introducing major changes.

A professional presenter can take any material a company wants to have announced or introduced to the group and create all the visual aids that would enhance the topic, such as handouts and slideshows.

Let’s assume that a business or organization needs to present a difficult topic and nobody in the company has the public speaking confidence or time to invest in presenting this to the group. Hiring a professional presenter would be a good idea.

Professional Facilitatorsmeetings

A professional meeting facilitator is hired to manage an event such as a meeting, workshop, or panel discussion. This would be helpful in several situations:

  • When a group has important issues that must be resolved and there are high emotions surrounding it. A facilitator can act as outside arbitration or referee to prevent hurt feelings.
  • Facilitating a panel discussion is often best handled by a facilitator who has a background in knowing how to keep the discussion moving smoothly, how to cut off long-winded speakers, and how to redirect inappropriate questions.
  • A professional facilitator can also play the ‘dummy’ at certain times to ask the questions that members may be too shy to ask. These can even be arranged in advance by leadership.
  • Sometimes a facilitator can be hired to hold a meeting using strict Robert’s Rules of Order, if the situation demands, such as a board meeting or corporate vote.

There are many occasions when an organization would want to use an outside source to present or facilitate at an event.

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