Let’s go to Mexico in June


Just curious…who would like to join me in Playa Mujeres, Mexico this June – all expenses paid?


  • All-inclusive resort
  • Mouth-watering culinary creations
  • Year round sunshine
  • Epic beaches and brilliant sands
  • Mayan architecture and culture

Yes, this is real and can be yours. Let me know if you are serious about getting out of town for a while. No, you don’t have to be my roommate. Get your own room.

There isn’t much time to qualify, so contact me ASAP.

Got Vitality?

VITALITYThe state of being strong and active; energy. The power of giving of giving continuance in life, present in all living things.

Do you live your life with a sense of vitality? Do you get out of bed each morning excited to take on the day? Do you feel a true sense of accomplishment at the end of the day? Do you feel energetic and youthful? Do you feel sharp and focussed?

If not, then maybe it’s time to take a good look at…

  • What you put in your body
  • What you put on your body
  • What you do with your body

Start feeding your body, mind, and soul with healthier ingredients.

Seacret Vitality is a whole life approach to becoming the person you really want and deserve to be – from the inside out.

It’s a philosophy of health backed by the best science available.

It’s nutrition based on what our body needs at the right time of day.

It’s a lifestyle of food and social engagement that feeds your soul as well as your body.

It’s an exercise plan built for busy people with hectic schedules.


Win an Apple Watch or some Gucci

Who wants in? Live on Facebook for just 2 hours this Wednesday evening!

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The End is Near!

homerDebbie Downer reporting…Depending on whom you listen to, we could be heading for a serious world-wide financial crisis as early as the end of 2017. Are you and your business prepared to weather the storm?

No, I’m not promoting any anti-Trump policy here, this actually has nothing to do with him and he probably will not be able to stop it.

Think about ‘The Perfect Storm’ in a financial sense.

  • China’s economy is in a bubble that is ready to burst.
  • The European Union has been hit hard by several members going bankrupt and Great Britain is leaving.
  • Japan has been selling negative interest bonds to try to keep money in the country as their seniors retire and the working class decreases.
  • Brazil just hosted the Olympic Games and couldn’t afford to do it properly.
  • Spain has such high unemployment that the states are threatening to become independent.
  • Venezuela is literally starving due to low oil prices.
  • Millions of refugees are fleeing Syria and flooding into Europe where there are not enough camps or jobs to support them.
  • The US has been at war with Radical Muslim groups for 16 years at a median cost of $100BILLION per year, with no end in sight.
  • The US will soon have 75 million Baby Boomers retiring and cutting back on their spending. That’s 23% of the population, just in case you were wondering.


All of the above points to a cycle of disaster that is just waiting for a tipping point. There are many economists who predict a world-wide collapse and stock market crash of biblical proportions beginning at the end of 2017.




My question to you is…do you feel fully prepared to survive the new economy when the crap hits the fan?

Things to consider:

  • How would your market change if the stock market crashed?
  • Should you put money in savings or invest more heavily in marketing?
  • Are your products considered luxury items that people will stop buying in a down economy?
  • Are your products or services diversified enough to survive a changing market?
  • Is now the right time for you to retire, sell, or expand?
  • Are there aspects of your business that are recession-proof?
  • What would you do if you had to downsize some staff?
  • Is this the right time to buy-out a competitor?

These questions and more are valuable to consider and discuss with experts.

If you don’t already work with a qualified business coach, I would be happy to have a free 30-minute chat with you.

If you found value in this post, please share it.


Sometimes I Want to Scream!

nedI’ve been in sales in various capacities for over 30 years. I like sales. It’s an honorable profession that goes back millennia. I have made a good living by not being the stereotypical pushy sales person and I’m proud of that.

Just the other day I got a sales phone call from someone who started on a very long monologue about their company and product. Not once did she stop to allow me to interject until I finally just hung up. I hate that, as I feel it’s rude, but then, not listening to me is also. I understand that sales approach and she is only doing what she was trained to do, but really…it’s pretty darn annoying.

When I get approached by salespeople who:

  • Won’t listen
  • Won’t shut up
  • Won’t take no for an answer
  • Keep pushing thinking that they will wear you down
  • Think that they have the answer to everything
  • Haven’t even asked if I need what they have
  • Tell you that they know what is best for you
  • Call back after you hung up on them


That type of sales is what gives the entire profession a black eye.


Sales does not have to be that way, and I would suggest that it shouldn’t be.

There are several rules that should guide every sales presentation, and these are what I strive for and teach to my business coaching clients:

  1. Listen to the other person’s needs
  2. Communicate on their level and using their dominant learning style
  3. Ask questions that show true concern and care
  4. Suggest solutions that will fill real needs, don’t just push products
  5. If you don’t have a product that will fit their needs, respect that
  6. Offer the best price possible
  7. Follow up after the sale
  8. And, above all…don’t be a stalker!

The next time you get harassed by a pushy sales person, please give them my number. Maybe I can persuade them to move away from the Dark Side and create a better experience for all involved.

Thank you for the failures and loss

Let’s start 2017 with a look back at 2016 in a backwards sort of gratitude for those who see the light at the end of the tunnel as the sun rising, not an oncoming train.
  • looking-back-into-lifeThank you to the goals I didn’t achieve because they forced me to think harder and search deeper for greater goals.
  • Thank you to the people who left my life last year for they left openings for even more remarkable friendships.
  • Thank you for the changes I was forced to make because I may not have made the leap without the push.
  • Thank you for the obstacles placed in my path for they challenged me to think in different directions and expand my options.
  • Thank you for the mistakes I made because they increased my experience and wisdom.
  • Thank you for every bump and bruise for they made me stronger.
  • Thank you for each loss of a family or friend for they helped me to cherish life with those still here even more.
  • Thank you for every argument because sometimes I lost and that gave me greater understanding and appreciation for someone else’s point of view.
  • Thank you for each and every failure and loss for they kept my ego in check and helped me mature.
  • Thank you for every new grey hair that my children have given me because each one represents a memory I will cherish…and a story I will tell their children with great enthusiasm.

The glass is neither half full nor half empty. It is either waiting for you drink the remainder or refill it. Either way, enjoy the drink and worry not about the glass. Be thankful that you have a glass and that there is something in it.

2017 Theme for the Year


Questions are very powerful – for better or for worse.

The questions we ask ourselves all day determine our success or failure, happiness or sadness, abundance or want, health and illness, etc.

Thoughts and words have power, that is why my theme for this year will be “Today is the Day”.

Because I create my life story, through the grace and power of the Almighty, I want 2017 to be the year that I ask more powerful questions, such as:

  • If not today, then when?
  • Is there really any better time than right now?
  • Is today the day I will reach this goal?
  • If I start today, what can I accomplish?
  • Whose life can I help change today?
  • How will I make an impact in my community today?
  • What will I do today to create more change and challenge in my life?
  • How will I challenge others around me to grow today?
  • How will my existence on this planet today, benefit the world in some small way?
  • What can I do today to show my gratitude to God for all the talents, skills, and blessings I have been given?
  • If I left this world today, would it be a better place because of me?

So, Today is the Day that I will dedicate my thoughts, words, and actions to doing and being the best I can be, for myself, my family, my community, my world, and my Creator. For if I do not do this Today, and there is no Tomorrow, then I shall have wasted my last day on this planet, and that is simply not acceptable.

Today is the Day…for me to make it the Best Day Ever!

New Year’s Resolutions are for LOSERS!

Yup, you heard that right and I’ll say it again…New Year’s Resolutions are for LOSERS!

newyearslistSome statistics will tell you that 92% of New Year’s resolutions fail. Why? There are tons of reasons, but mainly there are three linked together:

  1. Most New Year’s resolutions are written poorly or incorrectly,
  2. Therefore, they are difficult to accomplish,
  3. And, as a result, they are quickly forgotten.

You don’t need a New Year’s Resolution (NYR) and you don’t need a list of S.M.A.R.T. GOALS (same thing, but more advanced and business-like-sounding). What you need is a simple and specific TASK LIST in your calendar.

When most people write a NYR list, it looks similar to the picture included here. What does ‘Lose Weight’ really mean and how do you know when you have reached that goal? In addition, how do you know how to reach that goal? The next item, exercise, may be a way to lose weight, but again, what does that mean?

A S.M.A.R.T. Goals list would break each item down and create some form of measurement, but this system is still missing very important action elements. If you want more information about SMART Goals, you will find tons of it on the web.

Let’s keep this so simple that you can actually win at the NYR game and not be the 92% of failures out there. Oh, sorry that may have been a bit harsh, but really…aren’t you tired of failing at your goals?

Follow this process to success…

  1. CREATE YOUR GENERAL GOAL – Let’s use ‘lose weight’ as an example because it’s easy and just about everyone puts that on the top of their list.
  2. BE SPECIFIC – How much weight do you want to lose? Maybe consult with a professional to discover what is appropriate for your body.
  3. A GOAL WITHOUT A DEADLINE IS USELESS – By when will you lose this weight and is that a realistic goal?
  4. ACTION STEPS – What will it take to make that happen? Exercise more, eat less, party less, etc. Make sure these are actions you are truly capable of taking on and, by that, are they lifestyle decisions? The actions you take to achieve your goals should be decisions you can maintain for life, not just this month/year. If they are short-term, you may reach your goal this year, but you will bounce back and be setting the same goal again next New Year. Create action steps that are lifelong lifestyle changes.
  5. BREAK IT DOWN – Put action steps with small goal dates in your calendar. By the end of the week/month I will have reached ???? goal by achieving these steps. Let’s be real about these small goals. It is better to keep it easy at first than to start too hard and feel like a failure.
  6. SCHEDULE IT IN PEN – Create a task list with the steps in part 5 and carve out time in your calendar that is sacred. For instance, my calendar has 530-630am every Monday through Friday as workout time in my home gym. I’m a morning person, so that works well for me. The new smart fitness watches can remind you every hour to drink more water, get up and stretch, etc. Whatever method you use, stick to it like glue.
  7. THE MOST CRITICAL STEP – Get an accountability partner. Your AP is some who will either workout with you, share your goals and workout independently, compete with you, or at least stay in touch on a regular basis to hold you accountable to your goals. This should be a person who will not accept excuses from you. Your AP could be a best friend, family member, or business associate. These are all good, but the absolute best AP is either a professional coach, personal trainer, or a competitor in sports or business.
  8. PROGRESS UPDATES – It is important to review your progress at regular intervals to make sure your goals are still realistic and to adjust your task list, when necessary. Work with your AP to coach you through the ups and downs that are inevitable. Maybe going to the gym 7 days a week was a bit too much? Maybe cutting down to 500 calories a day wasn’t healthy? Maybe losing 10 pounds a week was OK for week 1, but what do you do in week 2 when you plateau? Most people fail at this stage because they think they have failed, when really the goals need to be adjusted for the realities of life.
  9. DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP – Everyone misses a workout sometime, misses the goal deadline by a day, or gives in to hedonistic desires and eats the forbidden fruit. It’s OK, once in awhile.  For those occasional lapses in sanity, tomorrow is a new beginning. Get back on the horse and ride. But, when one day turn into two then three, you have given up on your goals. Time to decide, will you get back on track, or forgive and move on. Beating yourself up for giving up only creates stress and is a useless waste of time. You can learn to live with the extra 20 pounds or you can do something to change it. Wallowing in self-pity is for losers and the stress will cause you far more health challenges than the extra weight.
  10. REWARD YOURSELF FOR EACH GOAL REACHED – It is critical for you and your AP to celebrate all your achievements and do it as often as possible. We live in a ‘short-term memory’ age. Don’t wait until the end of the month to celebrate progress. Congratulate yourself daily and send a text to your AP about your progress. If you ran a few more minutes on the treadmill today than you did yesterday, post it to the world and be proud of that.
  11. MAKE IT A FUN PROCESS – Many people look at a NYR list as a chore when it should be a challenge. Challenges are fun, chores are not. Change your mindset and make each item on the list something fun with daily reminders of the rewards awaiting you. If anything is truly the backbone of success in reaching goals, it’s having the proper mindset throughout the process.

If you would like some assistance in creating your personal or business Task List for this year, instead of a failing resolution list, call me. I’m offering a complimentary 30-minute coaching consultation for the month of January. No sales pitch. Just some time on the phone to point you in the right direction. 603-767-6500 anytime Monday through Friday from 9-5 ET.

Thank you, 2016


Yes, 2016 was a crazy year with tons of changes for all of us and I am grateful for the experience. I tend to look at things strangely. For me CHANGE means an opportunity to learn, CHALLENGE provides opportunity for growth, and, 2016 had plenty of all.

Many years ago I heard a question that struck me as odd at first, but then I grew to understand its real meaning. “Do you have 10 years of experience, or 1 year of experience 10 times?” For those who don’t experience change and challenge, every year is roughly the same. There is little learning and growth. These people may say they have 10 years experience in a certain trade, field, job, skill, or education, but unless they learn something new every year and grow into a new level of skill, they really have 1 year of experience that repeats itself 10 times over. They actually have 1 year of experience and they are 10 years older.  What it boils down to is that you can’t repeat the same task or level of education and claim to have 10 years experience in it.

My question to you, and myself, is “How will I change in 2017 to advance my learning, and how will I challenge myself to grow this year?” 


If you think 2016 was insane, what will you change in 2017 to make it better? You can either create your own challenges to help you grow, or I will bet you that 2017 will create them for you and force you to grow in ways that may not be what you want. Maybe the change you need is to design your life, be the change, challenge yourself, create your future.

Let’s all make CHANGE and CHALLENGE our mantra this year. Don’t fear it, become it.

If you need any guidance or support with making changes in your life for 2017, I’m here and happy to assist. Call me for complimentary 30 minute consultation – My gift to you for the New Year. No sales pitch. Nothing to hide. Just a conversation about your goals and desires for change and challenge this year. Call 603-767-6500 anytime between 9-5 ET.

2017 Semester 1 – Jan/Feb

Looking forward to a New Year and some new skills for the classroom.


2017 Semester 1

Our class is almost at capacity. We have just 2 open spaces if anyone is interested in starting this semester. Friends and family are always given priority. Contact us now to get on the list.

Starts – Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Graduation – Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Vacation Week – 2/26 through 3/4


  • Life Skills – Black Belt Success System
  • Reading – lim2-lesson2
  • Kicks – Front Kick and Axe Kick
  • Hand Technique – 6 Point Blocking
  • Self-Defense – Full Nelson
  • Black Belts – Knife Defense